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    Burpee Self Watering Seed Starting System 10 Plant

    Self Watering Seed Starting System This seeding tray fits the ten expandable pots contained in the kit. It has a clear dome cover to reduce germination time and has a self-watering base that evenly provides water to the plants as needed. Simply fill...
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    Lake Valley Seed

    Mersclun Organic Zesty Salad Mixture

    Organic Mersclun Zesty Salad Mixture Perfect blend of sweet lettuce and tangy greens for gourmet salads of all season. Countains 25% Tango, 15% Lolla Ross, 15% Black Seeded Simpson, 15% Deer Tongue Red, 15% Royal Oakleaf, 5% Arugula, 5% Frisee, 5%...
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    Plantation Products

    Plant Tray Cover

    Parris Island Heirloom Romain Lettuce Jiffy's 11" X 22" humidity dome covers propagation covers to allow for higher humidity and temperature to reduce seed germination times. #Header{ font-family: "Arial"; text-align:...