Premier Horticulture Pro Moss Horticulture Retail Peat Moss, 1 Cubic Feet

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If you are looking for a soil amendment to help improve the consistency, texture and manage water efficiency in your soils then sphagnum peat moss is the ideal ingredient to get the job done!

  • Saves water
  • Aerates soils
  • Ideal for acid loving plants
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor planting
  • Contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss

Pro Moss Peat Moss is ideal for indoor and outdoor horticultural applications. It will help you save water and aerate your soils at the same time. Will also add organic content to sandy soils. This compressed bale of peat moss contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss and is ORMI® listed for organic use. Another important factor is that these bales are insect and odor free! All in all, product is a thumbs up, must have for any green thumb!

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