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Royal Gold Mendo Mix Soil Amendment Medium for Aggressive Growth and Dry Climates, 1.5 Cu Ft

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Royal Gold's Mendo Mix is heavily amended for fast growing annuals!

Key Product Features

  • This blend is the supreme choice for outdoor gardening in hot climates, ensuring plants thrive even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Engineered with a meticulous balance of water and air holding capabilities, Mendo Mix provides an ideal environment for root development and vigorous growth, promoting plant health and resilience.
  • Heavily amended with a rich array of nutrients, Mendo Mix stimulates aggressive growth, empowering plants to reach their full potential and achieve remarkable vitality.
  • Mendo Mix offers versatility in its usage, serving as a standalone medium, soil amendment, or soil conditioner. This flexibility allows gardeners to tailor their gardening approach according to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Ingredients: 45-55% coco fiber, aged forest products, compost, perlite, coco chip, lava rock, alfalfa meal, basalt, feather meal, fish bone meal, composted chicken manure, kelp meal.

Mendo Mix, by Royal Gold, is the king of all coco soils. As a heavily amended planting style mix, Mendo Mix is ideal for outdoor gardening in hot climates and grow bed style gardens. It also works wonders in traditional container style gardens, indoors or in greenhouses, especially for fast-growing annuals. Featuring a complex blend of high-grade dry amendments, along with strong water holding capacities properly balanced with air holding capacities, Mendo Mix allows gardeners to begin feeding after about four weeks of growth. This allows gardeners the ability to adjust their nutrient profile and feeding regimen, according to their crops specific needs, at the proper time. Mendo Mix is also a great start to building your own living soils program.

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