SunPack Sundome Multi Vented Humidity Dome, For Indoor Growing, Seeding in Greenhouses, Black, 22" x 11.5"

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Sunpack's Blackout Humidity Dome is exactly what you need to help your seeds grow!

Key Product Features

  • Useful for seed germination, early seedling growth, and propagating smaller cuttings
  • Allows the grower to adjust the humidity levels to best suit the stage of growth using its four adjustable vents
  • Made of clear, high-quality BPA-free food-grade plastic
  • Helps to conserve watering while providing an appropriate blackout period

SUNDOME Humidity Dome Multi-Vented - 2in - Black SUNPACK’s Blackout Humidity Dome helps conserve watering while providing an appropriate blackout period. The multiple vents are perfect for adjusting the growing conditions for your seedlings. Humidity domes are a helpful tool to use during germination, often used in conjunction with heat mats. They help protect the seeds, maintain moisture levels, and create the perfect environment for those seeds to get a great start.

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