Sustane 9-0-2 Turf Maintenance Fertilizer (Early Summer), 30-Pound

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Create that picture perfect lawn you have been wanting with Sustane’s Turf Maintenance.

  • 9-0-2 Formula
  • Apply in May or June
  • Slow release Nitrogen promotes thicker lawns

Sustane 9-0-2 combines Slow Release Nitrogen – which helps promote thick lawns and lasting turf color – with quickly available natural Chilean nitrate for a fast turf response in cool soils. Sustane 9-0-2 also contains two types of high quality compost for improved soil building.

Apply in May or June. 30 pounds covers up to 5,000 ft.2 Apply 6 pounds per 1,000 ft2. Apply 10 lb. per 1,000 ft2 if grass clippings are removed or if the turf is heavily used or intensively managed.

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