TetraPond Spring to Fall Transitional Pond Sticks Fish Food, 7 oz

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Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Fish Food prepares fish for winter.

Key Product Features

  • Provides excellent digestion even at low temperatures
  • High quality wheat germ food is extremely easy for koi and other fish to digest
  • Forms a balanced diet
  • Stimulates growth and fertility and keeps koi active and healthy
  • High wheat content has also been enriched with Spirulina algae and natural color enhancers

Feed your pond fish the nutrition they need in the spring and fall with Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Transitional Fish Food. In spring and fall when temperatures are lower, fish metabolism and other biological activities slow down so they need a highly digestible food to keep them healthy. Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Transitional Fish Food contains wheat germ to transition fish in and out of winter. It is extremely digestible, even in cold water temperatures, and creates less waste leaving water cleaner longer.

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