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    Aspects Large Brushed Nickel Seed Tube Feeder Quick Clean

    Aspects’ Seed Tube Feeders combine heavy, die cast metal caps, ports, bases and a clear, U.V. stabilized polycarbonate tube to make these feeders an investment that lasts a lifetime. 1. 75-Quart capacity Combines heavy, die cast metal caps and bases...
  • Stokes Harmony Songbird Feeder 
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    Stokes Harmony Songbird Feeder 

    The Harmony Songbird Feeder is designed to bring the balance of nature to your yard. By selecting which seed you serve, you choose the birds that will be compatible and feed in harmony. The stay-full-ports ensure that seed is evenly distributed,...
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    Wood Link Finch Screen Tube Feeder

    Woodlink NAWLNT Audubon Die Cast Aluminum Finch Screen Tube Feeder 13”is ready to fill with thistle or finch seed mix. Attracts Finches Ready To Fill With Thistle Or Finch Seed Mix Ready To Hang No Assembly Required Holds One Pound Of Seed Ready...