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Wildlife Sciences Cherry Crunch Suet Plus Bird Feed, Melt Resistant Formula, 11oz

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Attract the unique and beautiful birds to your yard with the Cherry Crunch Suet Bar!

Key Product Features

  • Fun addition to backyard suet feeding
  • 80% less packaging by weight than suet in a tray; 100% recyclable materials
  • Wildlife Sciences uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in the Cherry Crunch Suet Cake
  • Easy to tear open, no scissors or knives needed
  • Made in the USA

Wildlife Sciences was founded in 1996 to manufacture high quality, innovative wild bird suet and related products. Our goal is to maximize the enjoyment of backyard birding by producing high quality foods and accessories that attract the greatest variety of wild birds and are convenient to use. This Cherry Crunch Suet Plus bar is the addition your backyard needs! It will attract the lovely and unique birds and is an easier option on your part. The packaging is recyclable and is easy to open. 

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