XXD 2-in-1 Bottle Opening-Cutting Board

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The Bottleboard by XXD is a cutting board with integrated bottle opener. Bottleboard is your companion at every garden party, picnic and at home. Whether as a mens gift or as an add on merchandize product for the beverage and beer manufacturer, bottleboard is a particularly high-quality gift for almost anyone! The integrated bottle opener for crown caps is the ideal addition to any picnic and therefore always by hand. It opens the crown cork the way that it is not bent in the surface. The advantage is that it can be used again as slosh or insect protection on your bottle. The bamboo board is tempered (hardened/caramelized) and food safe oiled. The bottle opener is made of stainless steel and firmly anchored in your bottleboard.

Key Product Features 

  • Design / copyright max kistner * 2016
  • Material: Bamboo cutting board with a stainless-steel insert
  • Size: 210 x 300 x16 mm
  • Can be used as a slosh or insect protection on your bottle
  • Tempered (hardened/caramelized) & food safe oiled lasting you years to come
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