PittMoss PM2 Peat Reduced Professional Bark Mix Garden/Potting Soil, 2.8 Cubic Foot

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This soilless, soft and lightweight blend can be utilized by growers that are used to planting with traditional bark-based potting mix.  

Key Product Features

  • A great alternative to fully peat-based mixes, allowing growers to reduce their carbon footprint, maintain high yields and grow consistent healthy crops. 
  • Requires less water and applied fertilizer due to its ability to retain resources, evenly distributing them throughout the porous particles to be more available to the plant’s roots. 
  • Ideal for seedlings, pots, planters, trees, shrubs and anywhere else you would use traditional bark-based potting mix. 
  • Proudly produced in the United States, PittMoss is made out of revolutionary recycled paper fiber which improves water and nutrient retention and stimulates biological development.
  • PittMoss sources all paper ingredients from local recycling facilities, hand sorts each batch to ensure zero contaminants and conducts extensive testing to create a perfect living soil environment. 

PittMoss PM2 Peat Reduced Professional Bark Mix is a revolutionary fiber mix, blended with top-shelf sphagnum peat moss, aged pine bark and PittMoss fibers. PittMoss contains no pathogens, weed seeds or other heavy metals and harmful ingredients. This professional growers mix allows for better retention, even distribution of water, lighter weight and a fluffier mix compared to full peat-based mixes. By using PittMoss, gardeners can reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with peat bog mining. This mix offers a cleaner, more consistent soil option with rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.

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