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Curtis Wagner Plastics Heavy Gauge Vinyl Deep Basket Liner, Clear 16 inch diameter

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Create a beautiful floral display and protect your baskets with these easy to use, drop-in basket liners. 

  • Clear  
  • 16 inch Diam x 3.8inch H
  • Heavy gauge plastic extends the life of the basket liners
  • Molded ribs in the vertical sidewall gives extra strength
  • Designed to fit inside baskets or under pots to hold water and arrangements
  • Protects your surfaces against moisture, mold, and mildew with the saucer
  • Lightweight and durable for multiple uses with any indoor or outdoor planter
  • These plants saucers help keep plants moist longer
  • Plastic saucers provide critical airflow needed for healthy root system

Heavy gauge vinyl liners offer added flexibility and transparency to provide real support for floral arrangements and potted plants. By keeping potting soil and water safely inside the basket, you have no mess. liners ensure optimal protection for table surfaces and flooring. You'll never have to worry about water leaking out and damaging your floors or furniture with this deep, heavy gauge waterproof design. The clear liner is easier to match up with any beautiful pot that you may use.

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