Fiskars Fiberglass Handle Soil Scoop, 11.75"

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  • Fiskars Fiberglass Handle Soil Scoop, 11.75"
  • Fiskars Fiberglass Handle Soil Scoop, 11.75"
  • Fiskars Fiberglass Handle Soil Scoop, 11.75"
  • Fiskars Fiberglass Handle Soil Scoop, 11.75"


This Fiskars Nyglass soil scoop is everything such a utilitarian tool should be: remarkably light, incredibly strong, and remarkably affordable. 

Key Product Features 

  • One cup capacity
  •  Ideal for digging up or transporting large scoops of soil
  •  FiberComp design is lightweight for easy handling yet stronger than steel for lasting value
  • Ideal for digging up or transporting large scoops of soil
  • Oversized head displaces more soil to speed work

Fiskars FiberComp Soil Scoop is lightweight for easy handling and ultra-durable for lasting value. It features an oversized scoop to help you get the job done faster. It’s a one-piece design made of Nyglass nylon/ fiberglass composites, it’s lighter than comparable metal models and yet it’s stronger than steel. It has an easy to grasp, slightly oversized handle with a hang hole convenient for storage. 

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33 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Denise on May 24th 2022

    Fantastic!! My new favorite alongside a trowel I bought from QVC years ago that has sharp edges on the end of it ( can't remember the brand name). Re., the EXTREME difficulty we are all having in removing the labeling, try the following. First, I soaked it in warm soapy water for about 15-20 min. Then, I applied Goo Gone and scrubbed. It did take repeated applications of the Goo Gone, with scrubbing as well. I think I may have also had to soak it in the soapy water for another 15 min. too. Finally, all the labeling did come off. I've NEVER had such difficulty removing a label. I won't take away a star from the review, but shame on the company for this. This IS a great gardening tool and should last for years!!

  • 5
    The best beach shovel ever

    Posted by Valerie on Jan 22nd 2022

    Now parents enjoy playing with send, too! All plastic beach shovels break easily and pollute the planet. This one has been lasting for two years already!

  • 5

    Posted by Julianne on Jul 12th 2021

    Perfect for sand!

  • 5
    Nice Soil Scoop

    Posted by Linda C. on Jul 7th 2021

    I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this scoop. Most people I know use a metal ice scoop. This is a perfect size for filling flower pots. Fisker's quality is a bonus. i would recommend this product.

  • 5
    Perfect to shovel bird seed

    Posted by Mary Beverly on Jan 26th 2021

    I feed a lot of yard birds. This scoop keeps all the seed in the scoop. No more leaving a trail of seed. Perfect!

  • 4
    Does the job

    Posted by Rachel Ray on Sep 4th 2020

    Only have used this to transfer soil from bag to where I'm planting, but it is simple and does the job!

  • 5
    Perfect for filling in the soil along the edge of a plant pot. Much better than by the handful..

    Posted by Tina on Jul 2nd 2020

    Replanting into a larger pot requires some care. The airspace surrounding the root ball has to be filled in and tamped properly so as to remove air gaps lest 1) the roots dry out 2) channeling might occur. Scooping soil by hand from the potting soil bag inevitably spills much outside the pot. No great crime as it is an easy matter to recover the soil from the cardboard box top I hope you remembered to use underneath the pot to, yes, catch the soil. But with this scoop, a precise flow of soil can be delivered betwixt the root ball and the inner wall of the pot and even tamped with the butt end of the handle and nothing escapes. A good example is going from a 4 to an 8 inch pot. Meaning the scoop is fine enough to do those little jobs that are a pain to do by hand. In short, a mandatory tool.

  • 5
    Great alternative to crappy beach shovels.

    Posted by Mommin ain't easy on Jul 21st 2019

    I bought two of these for beach shovel for my kids. They're a great alternative to the crap shovels available in beach toys sets. They are sturdy and won't break when you actually want to dig in the sand. Great buy for the price.

  • 5
    A must-have

    Posted by Mark N. on Jun 30th 2019

    I was somewhat dubious when I purchased this. Was it just a glorified trowel? After using for a full season, I can report that this tool makes potting plants substantially easier and is far better than any trowel. It holds a lot more soil than a standard trowel and helps directly guide the potting soil to exactly where it is needed (not all over the work surface around the pot). I use this tool all the time. It is great for planting flowers and foliage in pots and is perfectly designed for that specific purpose. It is really strong and sturdy, too. You would have to back over it with the car or something to actually break it.

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