XXD Steckplatz Metal Key Holder Board with 7 Key Slots

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Picture this: You woke up late and you have to be to work in 15 minutes. You’ve finally gathered all that you need, and you’re almost out the door when… Oh no! Where are your keys? You’re patting your pockets, re-tracing your steps… and now, you’re late. No need to worry. XXD is lending you the solution with a new and improved key experience. A product that provides a simple principle: seven plug - in positions hold every key, whether separate or as a bunch. To concentrate on the essentials Make the smart choice and concentrate on the essentials with steckplatz today.

Key Product Features 

  • Material: alucobound
  • Equipped with a total of seven plugs
  • Store your keys separately or in a bunch
  • Design/copyright max kistner 2002
  • Focus on the essentials with the help of Steckplatz (key holder board) 
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