American Wood Fibers

America's Choice Wood Fibers Pellets Pine Pellet Bedding, 1 Cu. Ft. 40 Lb.

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America's Choice Equine Pellets provide a highly absorbent alternative to conventional bedding, all thanks to the way it's kiln dried. Contains little dust, sure to not break down into fine pieces that’ll float into the atmosphere. With it’s natural antibacterial and odor fighting properties, you can be sure that this product is safe for any equine friends. Not only is a great product for the stables, it’s great to keep in the litter box as well because of its odor fighting properties.

Key Product Features 

  • Size: 1 Cu. Ft, 40 Lb. 
  • More Absorbent - Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding
  • Saves time – Quicker cleanup because pellets drop through fork easily, so unsoiled bedding remains in the stall
  • Saves Money – Less expensive because you use less than conventional bedding
  • Healthier – Pelletized to reduce airborne dust particles, eye and respiratory irritation
  • All Natural– Natural bedding reduces ammonia odor


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Additional Information

Small Animals
Other Foraging Farm Animals
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Bedding, Cages and Pens
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